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Horses Teach Balance, Build Confidence & Bring Joy.


About Martha

My name is Martha Clipp. After growing up with horses I found it rewarding to share my passion with my kids when they showed an interest in riding. Eventually, this passion turned into a business, where people and horses connect. Pegasus Path, LLC began in the fall of 2013, enabling me to pass on what I have learned to others.

I teach Equine Facilitated Learning, which involves hands-on, interactive work with horses, from the ground (no riding is involved.) Through my safely guided exercises with horses, clients grow in their confidence, their emotional self-awareness, and their ability to connect with others. They learn tools for navigating stressful situations while they positively influence those around them. For example, clients learn about setting healthy boundaries, which leads to mutual respect -the foundation of any lasting relationship.

Mission Statement

Pegasus Path connects you to your courage, your confidence, and your community.

I provide a peaceful and safe space where you can grow in emotional and social intelligence. You can experiment with a new way of interacting – not only with horses, but with humans as well.

I believe horses teach us to be authentic, listen to the wisdom of our heart and our gut, and maintain clear boundaries.

I believe horses teach us to be better leaders, better team members, and more compassionate people.

I believe being around horses is good for our mind, our physical strength and our health.

I believe being around horses helps quiet our mind, bring peace to our hectic life, and calm our heart.

I believe we need to pause, breathe, and learn the way of the horse.

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