Leadership Services

“Why won’t my group work as a cohesive unit?”
“How do I get my employees to give their best effort?”
“Why can’t my group engage in healthy, productive conflict?”
“We could be so profitable, if we could all just stay focused on the end goal!”
“I am pulled in too many directions. I work long days, but feel like I’m getting nowhere.”

How would you like to replace your frustration with:

“We met out goals for the first time in years!”
“My employees are showing respect for each other!”
“It’s great to see everyone applying their unique talents to the project.”
“I’m so happy we can finally have debates without shutting down or getting mad.”
“I feel like I can finally focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in details.”

Maybe it’s time to try something DIFFERENT. Go ahead. Step out of the box (especially since we all are out of our comfort zone anyway!)

Try out some Leadership / Team Development Training with Equine-Facilitated Learning.

What is Equine-Facilitated Learning?

It is an innovative approach to helping people grow in their social and emotional intelligence, through the way of the horse. Our presentations and workshops are designed to unleash the power of your leadership potential.

Why Equine-Facilitated Learning?

Horses teach us to be authentic, listen to the wisdom of our heart and our gut, and maintain healthy boundaries. They teach us to be better leaders, better team members, and more compassionate people. Being around horses is good for our mind, our body strength and our health because they help quiet our mind, bring peace to our hectic life, and calm our heart. Being with horses teaches us to:

  • Tap into Non-Verbal Data
  • Achieve Mutual Respect
  • Accomplish a Goal
  • Lead in our Profession
  • Strengthen Relationships

Who does it benefit?

  • Individuals
  • Leaders
  • Groups (church, corporate, classroom, service profession, sports team)

Eponaquest Certified

Equine-Facilitated Learning Presentation

On-Location, 2-3 hours
I can come to you for an Equine-Facilitated Learning presentation. Your group may then want to come to the horse barn for a hands-on, interactive workshop with the horses.

Equine-Facilitated Learning Workshops

At the Horse Barn
Spend some time observing horse herd dynamics. In a peaceful and safe space, you can grow in your strength, courage, confidence and relationships, as you experiment with a new way of interacting – not only with horses, but humans as well.

To learn more or schedule your session…

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